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Agribusiness incubation is a unique and highly flexible combination of agribusiness development processes, infrastructure, and people designed to nurture new and small agribusinesses by helping them to survive and grow through the difficult and vulnerable early stages of development. Incubation helps both start-ups and existing small businesses to grow sustainably, hence lowering the mortality rate through the use of good businesses practices and appropriate technology Despite that there are many entrepreneurial Ugandans, especially the youth and women,

they still face a number of challenges ranging from limited expertise, capital, production space among others. We support potential agriprenuers to overcome their hindrances by providing production space, technical personnel, some inputs, and utilities such as power and water which are availed to the incubate to enable them to grow their potential. Apparently, Agro-Tourism Association has incubated 23 agribusinesses including those engaged in producing mulondo juice, sorghum porridge, wine, leather products, organic pesticides, and organic fertilizers, among others. We also do farm business incubation where we are currently incubating youth in primary production including piggery enterprise, poultry, tomatoes, maize, onion, and greenhouse farming.

Ruhakana J. Taremwa, the CEO for Agro-Tourism Association handling over an award to Apollo Segawa, MD CURAD for his eminent contribution in the agribusiness incubation sector in Uganda at a recent function